Hi, I'm RafaƂ

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I'm a highschool student interested in backend development, free and open source software, Linux, and server administration (selfhosting). In my free time, I usually build projects using technologies I learned, like languages, frameworks and devtools. On weekends I also like hiking and spending time outside. I'm an introvert, but I enjoy doing group projects with friends, because I can learn a lot, not only about the technologies we choose, but also important skills like project management and collaboration.


I have a mini PC at home, that functions as my server, running Debian. I host mostly web services for my own use, such as a Git server, Kanban boards, and Transmission torrent server for seeding Linux ISOs. I use Docker Compose to manage these services in a contenerized environment. As a reverse proxy, to manage (sub)domains and SSL certificates, I use Nginx with Certbot. I also use the server as a basic file storage with SFTP. For it and SSH, I configured key-based authentication, because it's safer than passwords. Additionally, I've set up Fail2ban to automatically block IPs that fail to authenticate too many times.

A Fujitsu mini PC being pat by a human hand